Enoch & Faustus

Enoch & Faustus These two Scythes warriors have been close friends ever since they both passed the initiation tests all those years ago on Sotha, and have progressed with their careers together since then. Enoch is aggressive and headstrong and tends to act from instinct, while Faustus likes to keep a more level head and act from logic. Despite these differences they have a good sense of what each other is thinking and work well as a team, which makes them an ideal pair for assignment to an attack bike as they have an excellent sense of what the other is likely to do in any given combat situation.

Their current mode of transportation is a prototype pattern attack bike, recently developed by Scythe Techmarines to deal with more rugged terrain and tyranid swarms without being bogged down. Enoch and Faustus have made some minor modifications themselves for field operations, and tend to carry a diverse supply of equipment as they often range far in the field and need to be able to handle any problems they encounter.

Update : Enoch and Faustus, representing the Scythes of the Emperor were awarded a Silver Demon at the GWUK 2011 Gamesday Golden Demon Painting Competition.




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