The Scythes of the Emperor in Art

Having collected the Scythes of the Emperor since 1995 and then showcasing online since 1997, it has been quite a time to gather photos, models and artwork.

Through this period I have often snatched up pieces of art by Games Workshop which show the Scythes in combat through the variations of GW literature. Images of the Scythes in Advanced Space Crusade, Space Hulk and even the Tau codex, I have always found the illustrations of these marines struggling against an implacable and merciless foe more evocative than most Space Marine Chapter art out there. Artists such as Kev Walker, Adrian Smith, Paul Bonner and Dave Gallagher.

I hope you get some inspiration from these archived pieces and future additions.

Scythes Veteran MarineDiego Gisbert Llorens edited by Seb StuartScythes of the Emperor Uniform plate 2Scythes of the Emperor Heraldryshoulder-art-2Scythes Book Black Librarythe_tenaxScythes of the Emperor Painted by Chris Achilleos. Scythes of the Emperor Fan ArtScythes of the Emperor Cover detail 1Scythes of the Emperor Cover detail 2Scythes of the Emperor DeathwatchScythes engaging Tau, Nimbosa.

Scythes Hive Fleet Horror Adrian SmithScythes of the Emperor Advanced Space CrusadeScythes of the Emperor Advanced Space Crusade.Scythes of the Emperor Advanced Space CrusadeScythes of the Emperor, Advanced Space Crusade.Scythe's Banner Art, Advanced Space Crusade.Scythes Hero, Advanced Space Crusade.Weapons of the Scythes, Advanced Space Crusade.Early Tyrannic hiveshipEarly hiveship engages a Gother Cruiser in the Devlan System asteroid belt

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