Neophyte Flavius, the Last Sothan of the Scythes.

When the Scythes evacuated from their home planet of Sotha, they tried to bring as many potential aspirants from their home-world with them as they could, recognising the needs of the chapter. While the Scythes have since been forced to recruit candidates from a much wider base of planets in order to secure the future of the chapter, those last few Sothan aspirants have been tested and those who passed have been inducted into the Scout company.

Flavius was the youngest Sothan aspirant to be rescued and has only recently joined the Scout company after passing the appropriate tests. As such he is probably the last Sothan to receive the geneseed of the Scythes of the Emperor and represents the end of an era to many of his older brothers.

Flavius himself is all too aware of the weight of expectation placed upon him and so strives to be a model Scout, attempting to be an exemplar to his brothers. Flavius has a level head, and is completely dependable to follow orders and achieve squad objectives. If he has a flaw however, it is that he sometimes expects too much of himself and takes any failure as a hard blow to his morale, no matter how unrealistic his aims may have been.



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